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  • Single and Three Phase Circuits
  • 5 Different Circuits to Choose from
  • Up to 1600 Volt Blocking Standard
  • UL Recognized E72445


Description Symbol Single Phase Three Phase
Maximum DC Output Current (Tc = 85°C) ID 35A 50A
Maximum Voltage Drop @ Amps Peak VF 1.25V @ 35A 1.35V @ 50A
Operating Junction Temperature Range TJ -40 - 125°C -40 - 125°C
AC Line Nominal (Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage) [Vpk] VRMS 400 (120VAC)
VRMS 600 (240VAC)
VRMS 800 (280VAC)
VRMS 1200 (480VAC)
VRMS 1400 (530VAC)
VRMS 1600 (600VAC)
Maximum Non-Repetitive Surge Current (1/2 Cycle, 60Hz) ITSM 600 600
Maximum I²T for Fusing (t=8.3ms) [A²sec] I2T 1500 1500
Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ceramic Base per Chip RJC 0.9°C/W 0.9°C/W
Isolation Voltage VISOL 2500 Vrms 2500 Vrms
Description Parameters
Weight (typical) 1.5 oz (42.5g)