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  • Highly accurate PT1000 RTD (Class AA)
  • 5.9mm diameter brass probe
  • IP69K
  • -40 - 85°C operating temperature range
  • 100nF Capacitor for electrical noise reduction
  • Outer polyolefin heatshrink
  • RoHS compliant


Output at Temperature 1000 ohms at 0°C PTC
-40-0°C: R(t) = R0 x (1+At+Bt2 +C[t-100]t3 )
0-85°C: R(t) = R0 x (1+At+Bt2 )
R0 = 1000
A = 3.91x10-3
B = -5.78x10-7
C = -5.78x10-12
t = temperature in °C
Accuracy Class AA (F0.1) RTD with +/-0.1 °C accuracy at 0 °C
Recommended Supply Current  ≤0.3 milliamps
Output Response Time (T63) ≤18 seconds from stagnant ambient air temperature to 0°C glycol bath
Surge Immunity IEC 6100-4-5, ten 1KV surge pulses using a 1.2/50 micro second profile


Vibration 20-2000 Hz, 3 axis with imposed resonance frequencies (engine vibration)
33 Hz 25 G’s (transportation vibration)
Mechanical Shock 50 G’s, 3 axis per MIL-STD 202G Method 213B, Condition A
Drop (Any Axis) 1 meter
Humidity 100% condensing
Ingress Protection IP69K
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 100°C


Family Body Style RTD Selection Capacity Option Lead Termination Lead Length or Custom Identifier
4000 Series A= 2 in long brass tube 10= 1000Ω RTD C= 0.1 uF A= Cut and Stripped
Z= Custom *Consult factory
XX= Lead Length in inches (12” length standard, XX= 12)


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