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Part #5024-0762

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  • High temperature NTC Sensing
  • Peak temperature to 300° C
  • High accuracy over complete range
  • Fast response time
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Integrated electrical connection


Ordering Options

Family Non-Descript
5024-0762 Non-Descript assigned by Sensata and will account for all customer specific specifications, including Sensor Type, Thread and Hex, FKM O-Ring or Crush Washer, and Customer Specific Marking.

Standard Configuration

Item Number Overall Length Thread Type Sealing Interface Connector Type
5024-0762 76.2 mm M14 x 1.5 mm FKM O-Ring (75 Durometer) USCAR 1.2mm Keyway A
Max Operating Temperature (Probe tip) -55ºC to 300ºC (-67ºF to 572ºF)
Temperature Tolerance 25ºC±0.8ºC, 300ºC±3.7ºC
Sensor Type 10KΩ@25 ºC, NTC
Electrical Connector, Material USCAR 1.2mm Keyway, PPS-GF40
Thread Design M12X1.5, M12X1.25 or M14X1.5
Body and Probe Material 304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel
Sealing Interface Stainless steel crush washer or FKM O-Ring


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