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  • High temperature sensing NTC thermistor technology
  • Fast response stainless steel packages in various thread sizes
  • Lead wire or integral connector terminal options
  • Available in 150°C or 300°C constructions


Max Operating Temperature -55ºC to 300ºC (-67ºF to 572ºF)
Temperature Tolerance 150ºC max version: 25ºC ± 0.4ºC, 150ºC ± 0.6ºC
300ºC max version: 25ºC ± 0.8ºC, 300ºC ± 3.7ºC
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
Sensor Type 150ºC max version: 3,000 ohms @ 25C, NTC
300ºC max version: 49,120 ohms @ 25C, NTC
Mating Connector 150ºC max version: Packard Electric 12162193
300ºC max version: Packard Electric 12162197