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Part #WWTS0090-3

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  • Fast response, 2-Wire single sensing element
  • Welded, hermetic probe tip eliminates vapor/fluid ingress
  • Low heat conduction along stem length
  • Corrosion resistant design with integral connector
  • Designed to MS28034, Bulb Temperature
  • Qualified to MIL-DTL-7990B, Transmitter Temperature


  • APU gear box oil temperature
  • Gas turbine gear box oil temperature
  • General aviation oil temperature
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic fluid temperature (low pressure)


Ordering Information WWTS0090-2 (MS28034-2)
Operating Temperature Range 70°C to 300°C (-94°F to 572°F)
Response Time (T63) < 8 seconds from 100°C to 10°C (or per MIL-DTL-7990B)
Insulation Leakage 20 megohms minimum at 100v
Qualification Per MIL-DTL-7990B
Resistance versus Temperature Curve Per MIL-DTL-7990B, Table II
Self-heating Per MIL-DTL-7990B
Materials Corrosion resistant steel with copper tip
Operating Pressure 400 psig
Burst Pressure 600 psig
Vibration, Endurance See note 2 in datasheet
Weight (typical) <.25lbs
  1. 4 hours, 300 cpm to 3000 cpm, total amplitude between 0.030 inch and 0.032 inch
  2. MIL-STD-810, Method 514, “Vibration”, general vibration for jet aircraft