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  • Robust, proven design leverages experience from delivering over 500M TPMS sensors in the field
  • Available in both Clamp-In and Snap-In Configurations, addressing a variety of vehicle speeds
  • Delivers same pressure, temperature, and auto-location capabilities as UHF parts delivered to market today
  • Capable of bi-directional wireless communication
  • Compatible with BLE v5.1
  • Programmable with Tire Details or new Advanced Features
  • Optimized for long battery life



  • Allows for Over the Air Updates (OTA) to address issues in the field or to install additional features without your customers having to go to the shop
  • Facilitates robust cybersecurity implementations to help minimize threats to you and your customers
  • Enables new features such as Enhanced Tire Fill Assist, allowing you to use your mobile device to display real-time pressure when inflating tires
  • Can leverage existing BLE receiver infrastructure being introduced to support cell phones as smart keys, removing UHF receivers and reducing total system cost


  Snap In Clamp In
Pressure Range 0 – 800kPa *
Pressure Accuracy +/- 7kPa (0°C to 70°C), +/- 10kPa (-40°C to 0°C, 70°C to 125°C)
Temperature Range (Excursion) -40°C to +100°C (120°C) *
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2°C (-10°C to 80°C), +/- 3°C (-40°C to –10°C, 80°C to 120°C)
Acceleration Measurement Contact Sensata for More Details
Max Speed 250kph (155mph) 350kph (215mph)
Acceleration Performance Low Speed Valve 500G @ 55-80°C for 52 hrs N/A
High Speed Valve 1200 @ 55-80°C for 52 hrs 2200G @ 85ºC for 20hrs
Mass 30g < 30g
Valve Angle 20º or 25º 5º to 40º
Battery Life*
*use case dependent
10 years
RF Communication Compatible with BLE v5.1

* Contact Sensata to discuss potential needs for expanded capability