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  • Software-based solution paired with existing TPM Sensors enabling easy vehicle integration
  • Developed for Light-duty Passenger Cars and Trucks
  • Compatible with wide variety of tire brands and models
  • Can be paired with Tire RFID to enable robust tracking of tire tread depth even through annual winter/summer tire swaps and rotations


  • Improved vehicle safety, ADAS, and handling performance as the vehicle can adjust to the current condition of tires
  • Accuratey inform customers of their current tire health, allowing them to schedule maintenance at their convenience
  • With increased vehicle connectivity, Vehicle OEM's can monitor tire health and send proactive alerts for servicing
  • Supports future BEV maintenance strategies as scheduling shifts away from the oil change to tire maintenance
  • Enables Autonomous Vehicles and Commercial vehicle fleets to report tire health back to the fleet manager ensuring maximum uptime