The Sensata | BEI Sensors’ Omnicoder® software uses an advanced algorithm to generate the desired resolution from a high-resolution internal signal. This patented approach limits the potential quadrature error across the range from 1 cpt up to 10,000 cpt.  Reprogramming the Omnicoder to the desired resolution is a quick and easy process using a programming tool (P/N 60031-101) attached to a laptop USB port on one end and the Omnicoder connector on the other.


Installing the software is a two-step process:

Step 1:  Download and install a USB driver.  This makes sure that a specific USB port is available for the data transfer.

Step2:  Download and install the Omnicoder reprogamming instructions.  Once you execute this file an icon will be placed on your desktop and the file will automatically open, ready to reprogram your Omnicoder.


These instructions apply to the Omnicoder directly and also to versions of the CD120 that specify “OMNI” in the resolution portion of the model number.


Note: We have updated our company information and received Microsoft certification on our drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7. Any operating system updates that are compatible with XP or Windows 7 should run with the Omnicoder and USB driver files.

  • Download the Omnicoder zip folder from the downloads section on this page. Alternatively, there is also a download section on the Omnicoder page of this web site with the same information.
  • Install the USB driver (unzip file, run 'BEI_VCP_Installer.exe').
  • Install the programming software (unzip, run 'setup.exe' and follow prompts).

For more detailed step-by-step instructions refer to the Omnicoder Data Sheet.

If you have questions contact Tech support at:

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