Overview and User Guidelines

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Download the iSupplier User Guidelines

Training Videos


General Navigation

This video explains the basic navigational elements within iSupplier and how the iSupplier dashboard is structured. It describes how to use common icons, settings, drill down and advanced search features.

Supplier Onboarding

This set of videos explains the user registration process within iSupplier. In includes how to assign user responsibilities / make sites, how to inactivate a user and reset username and password.

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Forecast Sharing

This video explains how a supplier can view the forecast shared by Sensata. This feature will be enabled to suppliers on a case by case basis.

Purchase Order Management

This set of videos explains the Purchase Order management process within iSupplier. It includes how to acknowledge a PO, submit a date / quantity / price change request, split POs and print POs to PDFs. It also shows how to view Inventory On Hand and manage the email notification settings.

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Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) Generation

This set of videos explains the ASN process within iSupplier. It includes how to create an ASN and cancel an ASN (line level or entire shipment). It also explains how to upload ASNs via an Excel template and set the proper time zone for shipments.

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