Voice coil actuators (VCAs) are emerging as an extremely valuable solution for many precision motion applications. As the need for smaller, higher accuracy linear motion control components increases, these actuators are being used in an expanding array of mission-critical equipment from ventilators that help patients breathe, to guiding the arms of asteroid-collecting spacecraft.

- By James McNamara, Sensata Technologies

Originally developed for audio speakers, voice coil actuation technology is now being used to provide precise and reliable motion control for a wide range of medical, industrial process and space applications. Even though it has been around for decades, VCA technology, depicted in Figure 1, is still a mystery to many design engineers as until recently, the application spaces for which it was a cost-effective solution were relatively restricted. Many designers had to settle for more traditional, but less flexible, solenoid-based devices. Now that powerful MCUs and precise and efficient drivers are readily available, advanced linear motion designs using VCAs are easier and less expensive to implement.

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