A secure robust wireless interface with built-in reliability needed for real-time industrial control.

The BEI SwiftComm wireless industrial sensor interface ushers in a new era of wireless industrial control. Now the machine designer is free to install sensor equipment without the expense and constraints of a hard-wired system. Encoder installations in difficult applications like cranes, rotating tables or mobile applications, are greatly simplified.


SwiftComm is suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. However, certain conditions allow the user to receive the most benefit from SwiftComm. In applications where long, expensive cable lengths are needed, SwiftComm can provide a very cost effective alternative to hard wiring. If cabling of any length is damaged often in a system and needs constant replacement, SwiftComm can be a viable solution. SwiftComm is ideal for use in applications with a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver. Although SwiftComm can work around some obstructions, the best performance will be achieved where the radios have a clear line-of-sight. SwiftComm is a very robust and reliable wireless interface system, and will work in many different kinds of
industrial applications.

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