Resource | 08/06/2019

Application Note: Optimize Efficiency and Safety of Fork Truck Operations

Fork Truck Application: Draw Wire Encoders

Mobile boom cranes can be used in construction, landscaping, demolitions and a whole lot of other, similar activities.

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Resource | 05/27/2019

Application Note: Joysticks and Rockers in Lift Truck Controls

Lift Truck Controls Application: Joysticks and Rockers

Lift trucks are commonly used to move equipment in warehouses and require very accurate and ergonomic operator control systems.

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Resource | 05/17/2018

Application Note: Intrinsically Safe Encoders in Top Drives

Top Drive Application: Intrinsically Safe Encoders

The top drive attaches to the top of the drill string and rotates it with a lot of torque.

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Resource | 01/23/2019

Application Note: High Pressure High Temperature BLDC Motors used in Downhole Drilling

Downhole Drilling Application: High Pressure High Temperature Brushless DC Motors

The Oil and Gas exploration and drilling process has become more complex as it reaches deeper than ever b

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Resource | 06/12/2019

Application Note: Hermetic Thermal Switches Used in Space Craft Thermal Control Systems

Thermal control systems are essential to keep all equipment within an acceptable temperature range throughout all mission phases on satellites, space rovers and manned space exploration vehicles.

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Resource | 05/17/2018

Application Note: Explosion Proof Encoders used in DrawWorks Applications

DrawWorks Application: Explosion Proof Encoders

The weight of the drill string on a drilling rig is carried by a traveling block and tackle arrangement.

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Resource | 04/17/2018

Application Note: Espresso Machines

Pressure Transducer in (Commercial) Espresso Machines

Water pressure measurement in professional coffee machines is required in the boiler and brewing loops.

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Resource | 03/09/2018

Application Note: Emission Control Systems

Industrial Application: Emission Control Systems for Power Generating Products

What is an emission control system?

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Resource | 01/10/2019

Application Note: Commercial Wind Turbines

Encoders in a Commercial Wind Turbine Application

Wind turbines have gotten larger and more powerful, making them competitive with convention fuel-fired power plants.

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