Resource | 05/25/2021

Application Note: Telematics Lift Control System

Customizable Full-Feature Control System for Slab Scissor Lift – Enables Asset Management and Remote Monitoring

Needs of equipment owners:

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Resource | 05/25/2021

Application Note: Solid State Relays in Environmental Test Equipment

Environmental test chambers are widely used to test the performance of products, materials, components and equipment under specific environmental conditions to ensure that they will be able to with

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Resource | 04/22/2021

Application Note: Vaccine Cold Chain

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 20% of temperature-sensitive health care products are damaged during transport due to broken cold chain.

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Resource | 04/16/2021

Application Note: Temperature Sensors in Heat Pump Applications

Heat pumps continue to be an increasing trend to be able to heat and cool air and liquid efficiently.

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Resource | 02/18/2021

Application Note: Hazardous Area Level Switches

Some fluid chemical or petrochemical processing systems require level switching to control certain processes.

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Resource | 01/05/2021

Application Note: Pressure and Position Sensors for Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Platforms

Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Platforms are a subset of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) that contain the lifting machinery mounted on vehicles.

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Resource | 11/13/2020

Application Note: Contactors for Battery Packs

Modern battery packs for high power applications such as battery powered fork lifts, battery energy storage, and aerospace (eVTOL) require robust contactors to maintain safe operation.

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Resource | 10/30/2020

Application Note: Flow Switches with North American Connection Sizes

Current distribution channels have flow switches from various manufacturers, which are costly for the application usage.

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Resource | 10/22/2020

Application Note: Adding Pressure Sensors to Smart Natural Gas Meters

Natural gas is the cleanest and one of the cheapest fossil fuels, which will continue to be a large source of energy in the future.

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