Resource | 05/21/2020

Application Note: Joysticks and Rockers in Lift Truck Controls

Lift Truck Controls Application: Joysticks and Rockers

Lift trucks are commonly used to move equipment in warehouses and require very accurate and ergonomic operator control systems.

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Resource | 05/20/2020

Application Note: Small Mobile Boom Crane Extension

Mobile Boom Cranes Application: Draw Wire Encoders

Mobile boom cranes can be used in construction, landscaping, demolitions and a whole lot of other, similar activities.

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Resource | 05/11/2020

Application Note: Adding Pressure Sensors to Water Distribution Networks

One of the largest challenges that water distribution networks and water utilities face is “non-revenue water” or the loss of water throughout their network that no one pays for.

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Resource | 04/27/2020

Application Note: Sensata Solutions for Conveyor Belt Systems

Factory automation is growing in demand globally. Suppliers and distributors have seen a dramatic increase in the volume of goods, adding to the need for more automated warehouses.

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Resource | 04/27/2020

Application Note: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

AC and refrigeration systems require precise and reliable pressure control to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

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Resource | 04/23/2020

Application Note: Sensata AJ11 Joystick for Mobile Industrial Equipment

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) are commonly used to move people safely to working positions difficult to reach.

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Resource | 04/22/2020

Application Note: Inspecting, Packaging, Sorting and Palletizing

The IO Link system was built with automation in mind.

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Resource | 04/09/2020

Application Note: Sensata Contactors for Small Battery Packs

High performance contactors from Sensata GIGAVAC are ideal for protecting and isolating high power DC circuits.

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Resource | 03/10/2020

Application Note: Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts

Self-propelled scissor lifts, the most common type of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) move vertically through folding supports in a ‘X’ pattern, known as scissor mechanism.

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