Resource | 03/17/2023

Brochure: Sensata Industrial Sustainability eBook

How Industrial Sensing Can Drive the Multi-Pronged Approach Needed for Wide-Reaching Sustainability

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Resource | 03/16/2023

Brochure: SIM100MOD Insulation Monitoring Device

The Sendyne SIM100MOD is the first high voltage isolation monitoring device for EV/HEVs capable of operating correctly even when the battery is active, and experiencing large voltage

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Resource | 03/02/2023

Brochure: Sensata Industrial Operator Controls Overview

Sensata’s Industrial Operator Controls products deliver high-performance solutions equipment OEMs rely on.

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Resource | 02/15/2023

Brochure: AJ22 Joystick Product Highlight

The AJ22 is Sensata’s newest single or dual-axis joystick, delivering high reliability and a long lifecycle in a costeffective, compact design built on Sensata’s proven heavy vehicle/off-road capab

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Resource | 12/13/2022

Brochure: K600 & K610 Platform Control Systems Product Highlight

The K610 is Sensata’s next-generation control system for slab scissor lift vehicles, giving OEMs the functionality and flexibility to meet their design needs.

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Resource | 12/05/2022

Brochure: Industrial High Voltage Relay Application and Design Guide

Sensata’s High Voltage Relays deliver the switching solutions needed in the medical, semiconductor, and insulation testing industries – among others.

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Resource | 12/02/2022

Brochure: CoDeSys Framework Delivers Flexibility to MEWP OEMs for Future-Proof Designs

With fast-changing requirements and continued disruption, MEWP OEMs need flexibility in their controls to meet the needs of their customers – both in new equipment development and the ability to me

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Resource | 11/21/2022

Brochure: Encoder Modules & Signal Accessories

There are a lot of possible combinations of encoder outputs to the desired output and data adjustment needed.

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Resource | 09/19/2022

Brochure: Material Handling Telematics and Safety Solutions

Telematics and safety components are critical pieces in the research and development of the next generation of material handling equipment.

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Resource | 09/12/2022

Brochure: Sensor Solutions for Smart Buildings

Facilities around the world are a main contributor to global energy consumption.

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Resource | 08/24/2022

Brochure: Sensors and Switches for Motor and Drives

Engineers keep pushing the limits of motor design — making them ever more compact, connected, energy-efficient and safe.

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Resource | 08/24/2022

Brochure: Industrial Product Overview

Get the best solution to improve your application’s efficiency with Sensata’s pressure, position, motion, temperature and control product portfolio.

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