Resource | 03/16/2023

Manual: Proper Connection of the SIM100 Family

A guide for the proper connection of the SIM100 family to the host system.

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Resource | 09/29/2022

Manual: MXC and GXC Smart-Tactors User Manual

User Manual for the Sensata | Gigavac MXC/GXC Series Smart-Tactors.

Download this user manual to continue reading.

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Resource | 06/16/2021

Manual: M700 Hydraulic Pump Motor Controller

M700 is a high-power hydraulic pump controller that provides fully programmable control of DC series wound motors.

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Resource | 01/10/2019

Manual: Absolute Rotary Position Sensors with CAN-BUS Interface

This manual describes the implementing and configuration of an absolute rotary encoder with CANopen interface.

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Resource | 09/03/2018

Manual: Absolute Rotary Encoder with PROFINET Interface

User Manual for MHK5 Encoders


This manual describes the implementation and configuration of an absolute rotary encoder with PROFINET interface.

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Resource | 08/22/2018

Manual: Absolute Multi-Turn Rotary Encoder with ETHERNET IP-Interface

User Manual for MHM5 & MHK5 Encoders with ETHERNET IP-Interface


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Resource | 06/06/2018


This manual describes installation and configuration of an Absolute Rotary Encoder with Profibus DP interface.

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Resource | 04/30/2018

Manual: LP35 Series Encoders User Manual


  • This manual contains important information regarding proper installation and operation of the LP35 encoder.

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