Resource | 11/28/2022

How to Select a High Voltage Relay or Contactor

In the most basic terms, a relay is a remotely operated switch designed to isolate voltage and a contactor is a remotely operated switch designed to switch power.

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Resource | 10/28/2022

White Paper: How Ambient Temperature Affects Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers and Thermal Breakers

To protect against electrical faults, both hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers and thermal circuit breakers have their place.

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Resource | 09/30/2022

Whitepaper: A2L and New Refrigerant Strategies Take Holistic View of Environmental Impacts

Across nearly every industry worldwide, there has been a continued push for fuel and energy efficiency – along with a reduction in global warming impacts.

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Resource | 09/27/2022

White Paper: Next Generation Brake Pedal Sensing Technologies for Electromechanical Brake Systems

As advanced brake technologies are a significant part of the move towards next-generation electric vehicles, automotive system designers must consider the pros and cons of different brake sensing s

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Resource | 08/30/2022

White Paper: How Advanced Electrical Protection Enables DC Fast Charging

EV charging systems are rapidly maturing, leveraging DC fast charging with the latest in electrical protection solutions. 

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