Resource | 10/04/2023

White Paper: Utilizing Solid State Relays in AC Motor Control Applications

Solid State Relays (SSRs) and Solid State Contactors (SSCs) are ideally suited for controlling dynamic loads such as motors, particularly where frequent or multiple start/stop cycles are required i

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Resource | 11/28/2022

White Paper: How to Select a High Voltage Relay or Contactor

In the most basic terms, a relay is a remotely operated switch designed to isolate voltage and a contactor is a remotely operated switch designed to switch power.

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Resource | 08/30/2022

White Paper: How Advanced Electrical Protection Enables DC Fast Charging

EV charging systems are rapidly maturing, leveraging DC fast charging with the latest in electrical protection solutions. 

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Resource | 12/17/2020

White Paper: How to Design a Precharge Circuit for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications

- By Brian Munari, Business Development Manager - HVOR Electrification, Sensata Technologies

Andrew Schneer, Applications Engineer - HVOR Electrification, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 02/04/2020

White Paper: How the GigaFuse Helps Maximize Safety in Advanced Battery Systems

- By Markus Beck, Sensata Technologies

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