Resource | 04/12/2023

Harmonized System (HS) Classifications Search Engine

Sensata is committed to complying with all applicable trade regulations in all countries in which we operate. Harmonized System (HS) codes are required whenever items cross international borders to determine appropriate duty rates.

Classification data provided by Sensata is intended for informational purposes only and is provided with no warranty of any kind. The classification information does not constitute legal advice by Sensata and may change at any time without notice. It is not intended to be used as a substitute for specific legal advice from a licensed attorney or customs broker. As an exporter or importer of record, your company is responsible for determining the correct classification of any item declared to a government agency.

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Resource | 04/04/2023

Motion Control in Aerospace Applications Brochure

Sensata Brushless DC Motors and Voice Coil Actuators

Whether designed into some of the Earth’s most advanced aerospace platforms or travelling to Mars and beyond, Sensata | BEI Kimco manufactures custom brushless DC motors and voice coil actuators designed to deliver robust, high performance Rotary and Linear motion component solutions for a wide range of mission critical applications.

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Resource | 03/31/2023

Sensata Industrial Circuit Breakers - Technical Quick Selection Guide

Sensata Airpax™ Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers are available in many mechanical and electrical configurations to provide maximum versatility for the designer.

Our Circuit Breakers are both recognized and listed by globally recognized agencies such as UL, TUV, CCC, CSA and Military Standards.  Our portfolio accommodates current ratings from 0.1 to 1,200A.

We offer a wide variety of packages, mounting types, terminations, handle types, and other features to construct the ideal solution for each application.

This quick selection guide provides help in identifying the correct product family.

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Resource | 03/20/2023

USA Attleboro DDTC Certificate

Download this USA Attleboro DDTC Certificate

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Resource | 03/17/2023

Sensata Industrial Sustainability eBook

How Industrial Sensing Can Drive the Multi-Pronged Approach Needed for Wide-Reaching Sustainability

Sustainability is one the central issues facing the planet at this time.

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