Resource | 12/06/2021

PTE7300 Series Hermetic Digital Pressure Sensors New Product Highlight

The PTE7300 pressure sensor is the sensing platform from Sensata Technologies, offering best-in-class accuracy with excellent mechanical shock resistance and EMC protection to meet the most demandi

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Resource | 12/02/2021

Application Note: Adding Pressure Sensors to Water Distribution Networks

One of the largest challenges that water distribution networks and water utilities face is “non-revenue water” or the loss of water throughout their network that no one pays for.

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Resource | 12/02/2021

MXC & GXC CAN-BUS Smart-Tactor Series New Product Highlight

The MXC and GXC Smart-Tactors are based on the industry-proven GX and MX contactor series.

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Resource | 12/02/2021

Application Note: Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts

Self-propelled scissor lifts, the most common type of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) move vertically through folding supports in a ‘X’ pattern, known as scissor mechanism.

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Resource | 12/01/2021

Application Note: MXC & GXC: CAN-BUS Enabled Smart-Tactors

Contactors are a critical safety component in many modern systems and applications including electric vehicles, energy storage systems, smart grids, renewables, and charging systems.

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Resource | 11/29/2021

K120 Platform Control System New Product Highlight


Mobile Industrial Equipment – Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

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Resource | 11/15/2021

Industrial IoT Connectivity Made Simple Brochure


The breadth and configurability of our wireless systems eliminate the installation and maintenance costs associated with traditional wi

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Resource | 11/08/2021

EMB Caliper Force Sensor General Poster

Fast and reliable solution for caliper control

Maximized safety through direct force measurement across all environmental conditions.

Why Caliper Force?

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Resource | 10/11/2021

Otay Tijuana Mexico ISO9001 Certificate 21 OCT 2022

Download this Otay Tijuana Mexico ISO9001 Certificate 21 OCT 2022

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