2022-05-25 Electronic Products

AI’s growing role in industrial manufacturing

The industrial manufacturing sector is starting to embrace AI and ML, but there is still a lot of barriers to entry. Artificial intelligence has a big role to play in driving the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing and delivering the benefits of Industry 4.0. Two key applications for AI in manufacturing include predictive maintenance and machine vision for defect inspection and product quality.
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2022-05-16 Work Truck

Mack Trucks Launches PreView Collision Warning Tech

Mack Trucks announced the Sensata Technologies PreView multi-sensor collision warning system is now available for order on the Mack LR, Mack LR Electric, and Mack TerraPro models.
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2022-05-10 Industrial Equipment News

Continuous Asset Monitoring is a Best Practice - Not a Luxury

Reliability is at a premium in every respect. Bolstered by continued improvements in technology, the concepts of continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance are quickly becoming machine and asset management best practices – helping plant managers to overcome the dual challenges of unplanned downtime and ever-widening labor shortages.
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2022-05-10 TruckingInfo.com

Sensata Launches Two-in-One Dashcam for Trucks

Sensata Technologies announced that SmartWitness is bringing modular flexibility to video telematics with its new KP2 dashcam.
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2022-04-26 Electronics360

Video: An IIoT platform for plant-wide asset monitoring

The new Sensata IQ platform from Sensata Technologies makes it easy to deploy asset health monitoring to prevent unplanned downtime within manufacturing environments.
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2022-04-27 Solar Power World

Sensata Technologies to buy Dynapower for $580 million

Energy storage system provider Dynapower has been acquired by Sensata Technologies for $580 million. Sensata and Dynapower expect to complete the transaction early in the third quarter of 2022.
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2022-03-31 Design News

Sensata Tire Tread Depth Sensor Automatically Warns of Worn Tires

“Work smarter, not harder.” That admonition has been used to the point of exhausted cliché, but it perfectly describes how tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) supplier Sensata Technologies has applied the specialized know-how from NIRA Dynamics AB to garner tire tread depth data using just the TPMS sensors that are already installed on all new cars.
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2022-03-08 Fleet Equipment

Connecting with the Latest Trailer Telematics Advancements

The trailer telematics space is evolving to provide nearly countless solutions for fleets. Recently, Mike Lavery, Senior Director, Sales, Sensata | Xirgo, spoke with Jason Morgan of Fleet Equipment as a part of the publication’s Unscripted video series interviewing the trucking industry’s top minds. Tune in to learn more about the evolving trailer telematics space.
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2022-02-09 Automotive World

Leading commercial vehicle makers select Sensata Technologies’ TPMS solutions to meet worldwide safety regulations

Sensata Technologies, today announced its Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have been selected by multiple commercial tractor and trailer manufacturers to meet new and emerging vehicle standards and regulations worldwide.
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2022-01-12 International Industrial Vehicle Technology

Sensata launches smart-tactor contactors with CAN bus communications

Sensata Technologies has announced the availability of the new GXC and MXC series of Smart-Tactor contactors with CAN bus communication. They provide valuable data for improved system performance, reliability and diagnostics in military, battery system, energy storage and industrial applications.
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