2020-08-12 Power Electronic News

Sager expands Sensata product offering with addition of Cynergy3

Sager Electronics and Sensata Technologies announced the addition of Sensata’s Cynergy3 products to the Sager line card.
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2020-07-01 Water Quality Products Magazine

How Variable Speed Pumps & Pressure Sensors Can Improve Water Systems

The challenge to improve the mechanics of building water distribution systems is driven by two fundamental needs: First, the need to increase efficiency, and in doing so, decrease water wastage; and second, to improve the reliability of the installed systems, thereby increasing resident’s satisfaction and reducing the ongoing cost of maintenance and repair.
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2020-06-15 Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

Sensata Technologies’ new GV210 series contactors for EVs

The series is the latest addition to Sensata’s GIGAVAC brand product line and is suitable as the main contactor for applications such as forklifts, home energy storage and small EVs, as well as the pre-charge contactor in larger battery pack applications such as utility-scale energy storage and large EVs.
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2020-05-07 Electronic Design

Ensure EV and Industrial-System Safety with Next-Gen Fuse Technology

The latest in energy-storage systems demand high-performance safety components and sophisticated circuit-protection solutions that can provide the critical levels of protection to ensure both safety and reliability.
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2020-04-01 Tech Briefs

Maximizing Safety in Advanced Battery Systems

Fuse devices enable circuit safety in high-power applications, such as motion control and alternative energy generation, in addition to electric vehicles.
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2020-03-24 Design World

Linear motion in medical applications: Voice coil actuators in ventilators

As the cost of voice coil actuators has decreased in recent years, manufacturers have helped ensure their suitability for medical device applications through rigorous testing. In fact, one manufacturer — Sensata Technologies — has tested its BEI Kimco voice coil actuators for medical applications to ensure they can survive more than 100 million cycles (and counting).
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2020-03-20 Sync NI

Northern Regional College celebrates women in STEM

On Tuesday Paula O’Connell, senior learning and development specialist with Sensata Technologies spoke to engineering students about apprenticeship opportunities within the firm, joined by a former NRC student who recently completed her apprenticeship with the business.
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2020-03-10 Industrial Engineering News Europe

The True Value of Functional Safety in Food Processing Lines

Food processing presents numerous safety challenges that can be overcome by designing not only intrinsically but also ‘’extrinsically’’ safe machines, able to give the system an overall safety rating.
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2020-02-28 Truckinginfo.com

Wabco's Intelligent Trailer Platform Expands Trailer Telematics Options

Systems such as Hendrickson's Watchman wheel-end sensing technology, developed by Sensata Technologies, can now flow data on the status of the wheel-ends, such as temperature and vibration levels or brake lining condition and tire pressures.
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2020-01-23 Markets Insider

Sensata Announces Chief Executive Officer Transition

Sensata Technologies (NYSE:ST), a global industrial technology company and a leading provider of sensor-rich solutions that create insights for customers, today announced that Jeffrey Cote, currently President and Chief Operating Officer, will succeed Martha Sullivan as Chief Executive Officer, effective March 1, 2020.
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