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Klixon YS Series
Without Plastic Case
With Plastic Case

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Site Updated January 21st, 2015

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Klixon® YS11 series battery protector, small thermal motor protector, thermal cut-out
With plastic casing

Note: The Klixon YS11 has replaced the 4MM and 6MM.

Features and Overview Qualifications
Performance Characteristics
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc
ENEC, UL, and CQC approvals
Temperature range: 45°C to 150°C
Plastic case
Reliable long life
Automatic reset thermal cut-out (type 2C)
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CODE: YS11 Series

YS11 was developed to protect people and property from accidents occuring in fan motors, washing machines, and so on. It functions as a self-resetting thermal cut-out (type 2B), thermal motor protector (type 3C) and thermal protector for ballasts.

Qualifications /\ Top
File Number
Protectors are not applied in CCC (China Compulsory Certifications) at present, so YS11 cannot have CCC. CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) is a national certification body for appliances in China.)
2014531.17 for thermal cut-out, motor, and ballast protection
E15962 for motor protector
E34618 for temperature indicating and regulation applications

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
45°C to 150°C in increments of 5K
Tolerance on Open Temperature
Maximum Temperature of Switch Head
Contact Capacity
TCO, TMP: 7A 250Vac, 10A 125Vac
TCO: 6A 24Vdc, 15A 18Vdc
Ballast: 2A 250Vac
Operating Time
Extent of Sensing Element
Whole control

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