Resource | 01/22/2024

Case Study: The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Goes Linear

At Stanford’s SLAC Linear Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park California, Sensata | Newall’s absolute positioning system helps maximize critical laboratory time by avoiding complex homing routines

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Resource | 01/15/2024

Case Study: Sensata | Newall - The DRO of Choice at Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College was founded in 1907as a private non-profit institution to train students for employment in a variety of technical and mechanical trades.

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Resource | 01/08/2024

Case Study: Sensata | Newall's SPB Encoder Meets the Demands for Ruggedness in Press Brake Retrofits

Cincinnati Incorporated builds several models of state of the art CNC Press Brakes.

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Resource | 01/01/2024

Case Study: Sensata | Newall Solves Scale Contamination Problem at Electro Motive

Electro Motive (EMD) is a global provider of diesel power engines for marine propulsion, offshore and land based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation.

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Resource | 12/25/2023

Case Study: OEM Metlsaw Finds Solution To Downtime Due To Linear Encoder Field Failures

Metlsaw Systems Inc., Benicia, CA, is a manufacturer of plate, cut off, extrusion, cold and combination saws for industrial metalworking and plastics production applications.

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Resource | 12/18/2023

Case Study: Machining Exotic Components No Problem for Spherosyn at Industrial Roller

For over 50 years, Industrial Roller has provided high quality, precision roller manufacturing and re-conditioning for the Plastic Film, Industrial Processing, Graphic Arts and Printing industries.

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Resource | 12/11/2023

Case Study: Spherosyn Unique Encoder Design Meets Installation Challenge on VTL

GEDICO International Inc./ Dayton, Ohio, are specialists in large part machining. GEDICO will make or repair large parts.

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Resource | 12/04/2023

Case Study: Sensata | Newall Helps Improve Performance of MJC Engineering

MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA, is a world leading builder of CNC spin forming machines, typically used for tube spinning and steel and aluminum pressure vessel producti

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Resource | 11/27/2023

Case Study: Multi-Wing America Solve Contamination Problem with Newall

Multi-Wing America is the world’s leading manufacturer of axial impellers.

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Resource | 11/20/2023

Case Study: Jet Machine Works, Inc. Improves Productivity with Newall DROs

Jet Machine Works, a sub-contractor which manufactures large-part components involved with all facets of the petroleum, mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries, chose Sensata | Newa

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Resource | 11/13/2023

Case Study: DP1200 - Not Just For Long Travel Machine Applications

Sensata | Newall simplified the DRO display cabinet selection process, by introducing the concept of having one digital readout display for smaller tool room size machines (the DP700), and a differ

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Resource | 11/06/2023

Case Study: Meeting the Challenges of Turbine Engine Part Manufacturing

Founded in 1939, Ferrotherm Corporation is a long established supplier of gas turbine honeycomb and non-honeycomb seals and shrouds, both rings and segments.

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