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Home of Klixon snap-acting bimetal discs.

With over 95 years in business, we’ve built up the broadest portfolio of sensors and controls in the business.

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* * Sensor Products | Our sensors improve operating performance and make cars, heating and air conditioning systems safer and more efficient.

Airflow Sensors

SPR Sensors

Automotive Sensors

Pressure Transducers

* * * Control Products | From refrigerators to cars, airplanes and lighting, our control products help to prevent damage from overheating and fires.

Battery Protection

Circuit Breakers

Motor Controls

IC Test and Burn-In Sockets

Precision Switches

Precision Switches

Lighting Controls

Thermostats: HVAC/R
* * * Power Products
Other devices designed and manufactured by Sensata




Don’t know what Klixon device you have? Even though many Klixon products are custom built, our image library will help you to identify the specific device.
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