Fraud Advisory

At Sensata Technologies, we pride ourselves on fair employment practices with candidate experience at the forefront of the process. Sensata Technologies will never make an unsolicited offer of employment. If you have not applied for employment previously with Sensata then the solicitation for employment is a fraud.
Sensata Technologies will never ask for any financial commitment from a candidate as a pre-employment requirement.
Some tips on how you can identify recruitment fraud:
  • All employment opportunities are posted on Sensata's Career page: or directly on the WorkDay page:
  • Sensata will not charge you to secure an interview for a position.
  • Sensata will not ask for personal financial/ banking information as part of the recruiting process.
  • Sensata will not send paper checks prior to employment commencing.
  • Sensata will never extend a job offer without a formal interview process.
  • Sensata will not send an offer of employment via text message or other SMS application.
Emails from our recruitment system will come from [email protected] or [email protected]. If you receive an email from a sender that does not contain this, please treat it as fraudulent.
If you receive an email from a member of our recruiting team that does not contain the, please treat it as fraudulent.
Please note that we do not conduct official business utilizing free email services such as or


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Integrity. We are open and honest with all our stakeholders. We do what’s right and deliver what we promise.

Excellence. We strive for continuous improvement in all we do. We find new, innovative ways to problem solve, grow our company and ourselves.

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Passion. We have a dedicated and committed team working to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. We are passionate about serving our customers and building our future.

Flexibility. We operate in a dynamic, fast paced environment and act with agility to best serve our stakeholders.

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