Welcome to our Product Change Notification pages. Each document provides information on impacted product lines and part numbers, implementation dates, as well as recommended replacements for the obsoleted products when applicable.

Resource | 09/11/2023

End of Life Notification of Select Potentiometer Part Numbers EOL-POS-230908

Impacted product line: Position Sensors & Encoders

Sensata is discontinuing sales of select potentiometer part numbers with last-time buy orders accepted through September 22, 2023.

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Resource | 09/04/2023

Product Discontinuation Notification for Selection of Pressure Sensors EOL-PRE-230829

Impacted product line: Pressure Sensors

Effective date: 29 August 2023

Sensata is discontinuing sales of the selection of pressure sensor series listed in this product discontinuation notification. Last time buys will be offered through 31 December 2023, after which time we encourage our customers to find equivalent technology in the open market.

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Resource | 06/27/2023

Product Change Notification PCN-Industrial-Position-202306

Sensata’s conductive ink supplier has discontinued the 1-58-203 and 1-58-500 materials, which are used to mix the description “DP type ink” for the conductive plastic element used in potentiometers. As a consequence, Sensata has announced a “Material Discontinuation and Shortage Notification for Conductive Inks Impacting Potentiometers”.

Impacted product line: Position Sensors

Effective Date: 20-Jun-23


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Resource | 03/31/2023

Product Discontinuation Notification for the MSC Product Family EOL-EPR-23-03-31

Impacted product line: Electrical Protection

Effective date: 31 March 2023

Sensata Technologies, Inc. has decided to discontinue the MSC product family from its Electrical Protection portfolio. The MSC product family consists of all Sensata part numbers beginning with MSC.

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Resource | 01/23/2023

Product Discontinuation Notification APT Pressure Sensor Accessories EOL-PRE-230123

Sensata is discontinuing sales of the APT pressure sensor accessories listed below.

Impacted product line: Pressure Sensors
Effective date: 23-Jan-23


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