Welcome, Supplier Partners! As we work together, the key to our success will be to remain focused on continuous improvement in fundamental areas important to our businesses, as noted in Sensata’s Global Procurement Purpose Statement and expanded upon in this welcome letter. Responsible sourcing and collaboration with our Global Suppliers are both key enablers and the foundation to realizing our purpose statement together.

Responsible Sourcing

Sensata is committed to transparency for its source reporting for certain minerals, on its understanding of the risks of human trafficking in its supply chain and working to comply with related legal, customer and investor disclosure requirements. We are also committed to procuring products and services from suppliers that are not sanctioned by the United States Government, and which do not directly or indirectly finance or contribute to armed conflict or human rights abuses in Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas (CAHRAs). Responsible Sourcing is a material sustainability topic for Sensata and its stakeholders.


Your partnership in Sensata’s digital transformation is of the upmost importance. Automating processes provides mutual benefits such as reducing the amount of required labor and time for transactions. Engaging in Sensata’s collaboration efforts is one way to improve a supplier’s scorecard rating.

Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)is a browser-based portal used to update your comprehensive supplier profile, contact information, certifications and to receive important notifications from Sensata.

iSupplier and EDI are tools that are available for all Sensata suppliers. They provide electronic capability options for electronic transactions such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, and more. Sensata’s procurement and material planning team will work directly with each supplier to assess the best method and implement electronic data interfacing. Sensata electronic transactions are required for Sensata customers and contribute to improved productivity – a benefit to both of us.

Sensata’s Global Procurement

Our Purpose

Provide a world-class organization and supply base that meet the business expectations regarding quality, cost, delivery, launch and innovation.


Sensata looks to its partners to demonstrate world-class excellence in their manufacturing processes to meet our Customers’ Perfect Quality expectation. To achieve this goal, we must apply lean production techniques to reduce waste and deliver the highest value product and services. We look to build a positive and open relationship working together to drive continuous improvement in everything we do.  Immediate and transparent communication of potential issues minimizes their impact and allows both companies to work toward the best possible outcome. It is through these efforts that our partnerships strengthen and grow to benefit both parties.


Cost engineering and knowledge is a pillar of our vision to be the benchmark of procurement organizations. Cost competitiveness benefits all stakeholders and enables new business opportunities. Your collaborative partnership is critical to finding solutions that reduce costs to meet the needs of the markets we serve. Our approach to cost competitiveness looks at Total Cost of Ownership with an emphasis on collaboration and transparency between our companies.


Impeccable on-time delivery performance is a necessity for our business. Recurrent missed delivery dates force us to correct this matter with excess inventory in the supply chain, either at your facility or Sensata’s, and is a cost neither of us want to bear. Careful examination of your supply chain and processes may be necessary to address this objective.


Flawless launch is key to an effective procurement organization, and a necessity to be considered for new business opportunities. Transparency and accountability are foremost in everything that we do, guiding our approach to product launch. We have a dedicated and committed team working to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. We are passionate about serving our customers and building our future. Flawless launch means meeting all program milestones on time, meeting our cost commitments and having zero defects during the launch and after start of production.


We develop products and technology solutions that help create products that are safer, cleaner and more efficient, electrified, and connected. We operate in a dynamic, fast paced environment and act with agility to best serve our stakeholders. Partnership and collaboration with our suppliers helps us to harness our collective energies, aggregate intelligence, innovate together and enable expanded technologies and new business opportunities.

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we ask our global suppliers to continue to be flexible, to maintain resolute focus on Sensata’s and our end customers’ requirements, and to actively engage in our purpose together: responsible sourcing and collaboration, quality, cost, delivery, launch and innovation. During the recent period of supply chain challenges, our efforts have underscored the importance and criticality of our core purpose and the need to partner together to manage difficult conditions.

Sensata appreciates the communication and actions our suppliers have taken, and continue to take, to resolve supply challenges while ensuring there is little to no impact to Sensata. 

I look forward to partnering with you on these fundamental and very important business objectives. Suggestions and opportunities that you feel would offer improved solutions for us are always welcome. Please feel free to reach out to your Sensata contacts if you should have any questions.

We appreciate your continued support and partnership with Sensata.

Sincere regards,

Guilherme Pizzato, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer




Notice of Updates to Responsible Sourcing Requirements for Suppliers and Schedule for 2024 Responsible Sourcing Due Diligence Initiatives

Sensata Suppliers are advised that on October 31, 2023 Sensata updated its Supplier Code of Conduct (Supplier COC) and related procedures and policies to align with its Sustainability Goals and with the goals and requirements of its key stakeholders.

Additionally, as of April 23, 2024 Sensata revised its Global Supplier Quality Manual (GSQM) which included updates regarding material content reporting, sustainability, and more. Both documents re-state Sensata's requirement that its suppliers timely respond to annual requests for disclosures regarding 3TGs, Cobalt, Mica and other substances on an annual basis, in accordance with a schedule that is established by Sensata. Please note that responsible sourcing is a scoring category in our supplier assessments. The completion of our questionnaires and surveys will be considered in our supplier scorecard criteria for upcoming campaigns.

Please see the Policy & Procedures section of the supplier portal for links to these and other important documents. All suppliers are expected to be aware of and comply with sanctions and due diligence requirements.

Key Updates in these documents related to Responsible Sourcing:

  • Requirement that Sensata's suppliers, where applicable, take steps to ensure that Conflict Minerals (Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold, or "3TGs"), Cobalt, or Mica are sourced from smelters that are RMAP (Responsible Minerals Assurance Process) conformant (or equivalent);
  • All direct suppliers shall provide full material disclosure; and
  • Control of Outsourced Processes Relationship.

As stated in our current Supplier COC and Global Supplier Quality Manual (GSQM), a failure to address these reporting requirements may result in corrective action, including a loss of future business with Sensata.


2024 Schedule and Requirements for Responsible Sourcing Due Diligence Initiatives

With the support of Assent Compliance, Sensata will begin its 2024 Responsible Sourcing Due Diligence Initiatives in July 2024. These initiatives will include the solicitation of selected suppliers for the following submittals, which are requested to be submitted to Assent no later than the deadline specified for each survey type in order to address certain Customers Specific Requirements.  Training and language support is available through Assent.

Suppliers will be notified via e-mail by Assent as to whether they are in-scope for these Due Diligence Surveys. These requested documents should be prepared by Suppliers and submitted to Assent at a supplier portal to be established by Assent.

  1. Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) v 6.4. We require that all suppliers that provide parts or materials to Sensata that contain or may contain 3TG provide Assent with a Company Level CMRT for the 2024 Reporting Year no later than September 24, 2024. Suppliers that obtain 3TG from smelters that are not RMAP conformant (or equivalent) or do not have "active" status per the RMI Smelters and Refiners List, or from smelters that are identified by the US Government as a sanctioned or prohibited entity will also be required to submit a Product Level CMRT for the parts that it sells to Sensata.
  2. Extended Mineral Reporting Template (EMRT) v. 1.3. We require that all suppliers that provide parts or materials to Sensata that contain or may contain Cobalt and Mica provide Assent with a Company Level EMRT for the 2024 Reporting Year no later than September 24, 2024. Suppliers that obtain Cobalt or Mica from sources that are not RMAP Conformant (or equivalent), or which are sanctioned by the US Government are also required to submit a Product Level EMRT for the parts that it sells to Sensata.
  3. Anti-human trafficking and ethics campaign. We require that the suppliers selected by Sensata prepare and provide to Sensata their declarations regarding Human Trafficking and Slavery, Labor Rights and Organizational Commitment no later than September 24, 2024. These suppliers include: (i) direct suppliers that are subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) or Defense FAR (DFAR); (ii) suppliers that conduct business in a country identified by the US State Department as being at risk of trafficking in persons (Tier II Watch List and Tier III), or (iii) suppliers that are otherwise determined by Sensata to be an important supplier.
  4. Climate Impact campaign. We require that the suppliers selected by Sensata prepare and provide to Sensata their responses to questions regarding Climate Impact no later than September 24, 2024.

Information regarding Conflict Minerals, Extended Minerals, and Slavery and Human Trafficking Risks, and guidance regarding the templates noted above is available to all Sensata suppliers through Assent. Support is available in several different languages.

Suppliers that believe that they should be in-scope for these due diligence surveys, but do not receive a notification from Assent are requested to promptly notify Sensata, and to submit the reporting templates described above.

Questions or comments regarding Sensata's Responsible Sourcing requirements and 2024 Due Diligence Schedule should be sent to [email protected].



Supplier Collaboration

Sensata has established the Sensata Supplier Portal that enables Sensata and its suppliers to collaborate real time for general profile management and material planning purposes.

The Supplier Portal allows Sensata and Supplier to perform:

Automated Registration: For new (by invitation) and existing suppliers.

Data collection: Tax Id, DUNS Information, address, detailed contact information, banking, pricing and invoicing.

Notifications: For your Information and Action required (e.g., update profile, documents, surveys, etc.).

Storage and Sharing of Key Documents: Certificates, W9, and Tax Registration.

Transactions: Forecast Sharing, Acknowledgements, Change Request and Advanced Shipping Notices. Some transactions may not be available in all Sensata sites; our local Procurement teams will contact Suppliers when all features are ready for use.

The Supplier Portal will be rolled out globally on a site by site basis.

Sensata’s long-term goal is to have all our Direct Material Supply Base utilizing the Supplier Portal. Indirect Suppliers are also encouraged to utilize the Supplier Portal. Future supplier collaboration improvements will include compliance, performance management and EDI capabilities.

If you have any questions about using the Supplier Portal, please reach out to your local Procurement or Supply Planning contact.

Registration to the Supplier Portal is required for both prospective (by invitation) and existing suppliers. Post registration, suppliers can directly access the Supplier Portal.

Please note for Suppliers supporting Kavlico and Thousand Oaks, the Supplier Collaboration functionality is not available at this time.

Onboarding Registration:Post-Registration:
Existing Supplier User RegistrationSupplier Collaboration

Supplier Registration and Profile Management Training

Supplier Transactions Training


Global Contacts

Regina AltreuterSenior Procurement Manager, Global Processes, Compliance, & Indirect[email protected]
Fabio De SouzaDirector, Global Procurement, Sensing Solutions[email protected]
Jacky HeDirector, China Procurement[email protected]
Kurt HeberlingSenior Director, Global Supplier Quality[email protected]
Marcy KeohaneManager, Global Indirect Procurement[email protected]
Renato Maschetto de SaSenior Director, Global Procurement, Automotive[email protected]
Gui PizzatoVice President, Global Procurement[email protected]
Larry WilsonSenior Procurement Manager, Global Electronics Category[email protected]


Policies & Procedures

  • Terms & Conditions of Purchase
  • Supplier Code of Conduct PolicySensata recognizes the shared values it has with its customers, stockholders, employees and suppliers. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviors, and we require our suppliers to achieve similarly high standards. The Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) sets out the general requirements applicable to any all suppliers who provide goods and/or services to Sensata. Supplier Code of Conduct Policy Spanish Version

    Sensata strongly encourages all of its direct and indirect suppliers, including contractors, to train its employees and sub-contractors on ethics and human rights in alignment with Sensata’s Supplier Code of Conduct. To this end, Sensata has created a one-page summary of key ethics and human rights practices which is translated into five languages (English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, and Chinese), which can be accessed through the links provided below. Sensata also recommends that its suppliers make use of the Supply Chain Sustainability training provided by the Automobile Industry Action Group (AIAG) and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and other professional organizations through their respective websites.

    • Human Rights and Working Conditions Policy: Sensata’s human rights expectations apply to all of our personnel, business partners and other parties directly linked to our operations, products or services; as such, Sensata is committed to respecting the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (2011) and its principles within our operations and supply chains. Learn More.
    • Responsible Mineral Policy: Sensata is committed to responsible mineral sourcing and strives to conduct activities that respect and support human rights throughout its global supply chain. Although we do not procure minerals directly, our suppliers acquire and use minerals from multiple sources worldwide. Learn More.
    • Slavery and Human Rights Trafficking Statement: This statement has been prepared in accordance with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015, Chapter 30, Part 6, Provisions 54 and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and discloses measures taken by Sensata Technologies Holding plc and its subsidiaries (Sensata) to address potential risks of human trafficking and forced labor within its operations and supply chain. Learn More.
  • Global Supplier Quality Manual: Global Supplier Quality Manual: Updated version, to reinforce the expectation of Sensata and our Customers, to ensure ZERO-DEFECT at any program stage, during mass production and after-market obligations. It is the responsibility of each Supplier, to review and to assure compliance to the expectation outlined in the "GSQM rev. W”". The acceptance of a Sensata Purchase Order is the agreement of all Sensata Terms and Conditions, including the actual GSQM. Learn More.
  • Sustainability Report: Sensata has adopted sustainable practices throughout its operations that are aligned with the goals of its stakeholders, and that address the applicable regulatory requirements in the countries we conduct business. We consider transparency and accountability as table stakes in everything that we do, guiding our approach to governance, risk management and ESG management.

    Document #Description


    QMS011081018D Workbook – Problem Solving Management


    QMS-1006304Supplier Request for Engineering Change Approval [SREA], Supplier Deviation Request


    QMS-1004961Supplier Request for Initial Samples & Evaluation Report (RIS/ISER) Form


    QMS-1006309Run@Rate Audit Procedure and Worksheet


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