Resource | 04/07/2021

4000 Series High Accuracy RTD Temperature Sensor Probes New Product Highlight

4000 Series probes deliver high accuracy, fast response time temperature measurements in an IP69K housing with silicon jacketed wire, making them applicable for a wide range of temperature sensing

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Resource | 03/31/2021

ACW4, TCW4 Series Absolute Modular Sensors New Product Highlight

The ACW4 and TCW4 Series are two-part rotary hall effect sensor assemblies and magnet aimed for absolute single-turn or absolute multi-turn measurement respectively, offering design flexibility and

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Resource | 03/16/2021

Telematics Slab Scissor Lift Control System New Product Highlight

The Telematics Slab Scissor Lift Control System is a paired set of a Platform Control Unit (PCU) and Electronic Controls Unit (ECU) with integrated GPS and telematics module which connects via 4G w

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Resource | 03/08/2021

FLPV Series Flameproof Dual Level Float Switches New Product Highlight

The FLPV is a flameproof vertical float switch range which has been designed to give the user a long reach float switch with several switching options, to cater for a wide variety of system require

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Resource | 01/22/2021

Power Products Brochure

Sensata | Gigavac power products offer mission-critical, high voltage components for electric vehicles and equipment across a variety of industries and applications.

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Resource | 10/27/2020

Precision Thermostats Cross-Reference Chart

Sensata Technologies offers KLIXON® Precision thermostats to replace items listed on the Honeywell Sensing and Controls Last Time Buy letter dated July 24, 2020.

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Resource | 07/20/2020

Encoder Crossover Library Brochure

Sensata | BEI Sensors offers expertise in cross referencing a wide variety of rotary encoders from other manufacturers.

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Resource | 07/16/2020

High Voltage Fuses Catalog Brochure

Our High Voltage Fuses Catalog Brochure can provide you with specifications and detailed drawings of the following product categories: 

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