Advanced Air Mobility

Sensata light weight, reliable, and certified solutions enable electric or hybrid propulsion drive trains for eVTOL, eSTOL and eCTOL aircraft. Our designs support both infrastructure and aircraft mission profiles for advanced air mobility (AAM), urban air mobility (UAM), air taxi, and middle / last mile cargo delivery. Collaborate with our experienced aerospace engineering team to drive your project’s success!

Our design team can assist you with:

  • Pilot Controls / Flight Simulator Controls
  • Energy Storage Systems / Battery Management
  • High Voltage Disconnect Units / Short Circuit Protection
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack and Balance of Plant

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Product Offerings

High voltage contactors and fuses for pre-charge, charging and main battery systems
Integrated solution for safe and reliable power distribution


Maximize the safety, performance and longevity for lithium batteries
Pilot and operator controls and grips tailored to your mission needs


LVDTs, RVDTs, Position Switch, Potentiometers, Encoders
Sensors for flight controls, cabin air, actuation, and hydraulic / pneumatic systems
Hermetic thermostats, pressure sensors and more to manage battery thermal conditions
Aircraft Circuit Breakers to protect your high value systems



Application Notes

In addition to Sensata’s comprehensive datasheets, Sensata also offers application notes to further aid you with challenging designs.

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We have a reputation for the finest application support in the world. We have experts on hand to help answer your application questions.

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Information about FAA PMA status, military Qualified Product Listing (QPL), UL certifications, FAA Repair Station, quality certifications, and more.

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