All Airpax™ Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers are available in many mechanical and electrical configurations to provide maximum versatility for the designer. Sensata Technologies offers a wide variety of packages, mounting types, terminations, handle types, and other features to construct the ideal solution for each application. Our Circuit Breakers are both recognized and listed by globally recognized agencies such as UL, TUV, CCC, CSA and Military Standards.  Our portfolio accommodates current ratings from 0.1 to 1,200A.

The Airpax™ Modular Distribution System design simplifies line/load interface, saving both money and valuable time by eliminating the need for shutdown when expanding the equipment. Additionally, this flexible interface allows for adjacent circuits to be fused or protected, while parallel alarm conductors simplify signal wiring. By specifying the number of protected circuits, the MDS2 can be designed to meet your application requirements.

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