At Sensata, we power possibilities. We are engineered to solve big problems. Today, our solutions serve as critical building blocks for making safer, cleaner and more efficient products while our technology systems enable millions to make smarter, more sustainable choices. By harnessing the passion and expertise of our people and working closely with our partners and customers, we are designing a future where the smartest choice is also the most sustainable. At Sensata, inclusive cultures and diverse perspectives drive success. And transparency and accountability are reflected in everything that we do.

At Sensata, we envision the future as being connected and smarter. That’s why we are committed to powering these possibilities together.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Empowering our Workforce

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At the core of our longevity and success lies Team Sensata, designing, developing and delivering solutions that serve as critical building blocks to help our customers and partners safely deliver a cleaner, more efficient, electrified and connected world.

Our commitment to the workforce includes four key areas:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are dedicated to ensuring our employees feel a sense of belonging and respect every day and are committed to identifying and preventing discrimination in our business practices. Learn more  here.
  • Talent Management: We are committed to ensuring that all hiring practices and employee programs equip each Sensata employee with the tools and resources they need to design, develop and deliver a world of smart, connected solutions.  Explore more here.
  • Employee Health, Safety, and Well-Being: We recognize the importance of supporting our employees’ physical and mental health, safety and well-being, and strive to provide comprehensive and competitive benefits that consider the whole family and whole person by supporting their physical, financial and emotional wellness. 
  • Community Impact: We take pride in the communities in which we operate through our involvement programs that nurture and support STEM education, economic development, civic involvement and diversity. Learn more here.

Innovating for Sustainability

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Our solutions create technological efficiencies, enhance user safety, and promote a cleaner environment, facilitating reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and supporting our customers in developing more sustainable consumer products. Explore products  here.

As we innovate for sustainability across our businesses, we are focused on the following areas: 

  • Innovation of Sustainable Products: We are committed to developing new and improved products that offer environmental and social benefits and support our customers in offering more sustainable consumer products. 
  • Safe Mobility: We are focused on increasing the safety of transportation vehicles and creating a net benefit for the safety of road users and the wider community through our solutions and technologies.
  • Product Quality: We are passionate about positive customer experiences and recognize that our ability to deliver high-quality solutions is integral to maintaining our reputation and viability as a company. 
  • Circular Economy: We believe our role in a circular economy is to design products to optimize and increase the lifespan of our customers’ end products through reduced emissions and waste. 

Protecting our Environment

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We are committed to responsible environmental management practices at all our facilities worldwide and promoting a culture of working together for a more sustainable world. Environmental management systems at Sensata manufacturing facilities are aligned with and in most cases certified under ISO 14001. Find certifications here.

Our Environmental Management Programs focus on: 

  • Energy and Emissions: We recognize the role we must play to combat climate change by managing energy consumption and emissions resulting from both our operations and across our supply chain. 
  • Environmental Compliance: We are committed to the efficient use of natural resources, prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and elimination of environmental hazards where possible. 
  • Waste Management: We understand that minimizing waste is an important aspect of reducing our environmental impact. 
  • Water Stewardship: We recognize the need for clean and accessible water and that growing water scarcity poses a challenge to our operations, our customers and the communities where we conduct business.

Operating Responsibly

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We have a sense of pride and integrity in everything we do, from how we govern ourselves to our responsible sourcing practices. Our reputation for doing business with integrity and operating with high standards of business ethics helps us grow our business and solve the need to safely deliver a cleaner, more efficient, electrified and connected world.

Our commitment to operate responsibly focuses on: 

  • Corporate Governance: We are committed to operating our businesses with integrity and adopting robust and transparent governance policies that promote the interests of our stakeholders and strengthen Board and management accountability. Learn more here.
  • Ethics and Compliance: We take pride in doing business with integrity and operating with high standards of business ethics. 
  • Risk Management: We recognize that risk management is integral to our strategic planning process, business decision making and day-to-day operations of our company. 
  • Data Privacy and Security:  We are committed to maintaining data privacy and cybersecurity and preserving the trust our employees and customers place in us. 
  • Government and Community Relations: We actively engage with the communities in which we do business around the world but do not make contributions from corporate funds to candidates for state, local, or federal office or to political parties or certain entities, including political action committees. 
  • Responsible Sourcing:  We expect our suppliers and business partners to share our commitment to operating responsibly with respect for people and our planet, and to take a stand against corruption, labor violations and human trafficking. Learn more here.

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