The volume of asset-level data accessible through IoT is exploding. Sensata INSIGHTS can help businesses better convert IoT data into meaningful insights for managing and optimizing the supply chain, from end to end. 

How do we do this? Through our data, which is better, the view we create, which is bigger, and our commitment to you, which is deeper.

  • Better devices mean better data. Unlike many of our competitors, we design the hardware that our solutions leverage, and you use, to empower decision-making for your customers.
  • Our solutions are capable of delivering a clear, detailed view of the bigger picture — from the biggest bulldozer to the smallest mobile lighting unit — custom-configured to fit your customer’s need.
  • The most important thing we build is not just great solutions. It’s great relationships and it boils down to integrity: From how we design our APIs to how we support you before, during and after the sale, we are a committed indirect provider who puts your success first.

Discover our range of capabilities designed to deliver results across the entire supply chain.




Give your solutions true flexibility and versatility to meet almost any need and cover almost any asset type, across almost every industry.

Local services and trades
Transportation and logistics
Manufacturing and retail
Construction and heavy equipment
Mining and oil and gas
Waste management and recycling


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