2023-06-14 Machine Design

Bringing Sustainability from the Boardroom to Ground Level

Smarter use of sensing technologies can drive energy efficiency and enable electrification. Examples include heat pumps, battery chemistries and industrial sensing.
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2023-05-19 EDN

Battery management system meets low-voltage requirements

The c-BMS24X battery management system (BMS) from Sensata handles up to 24 cells in series and 2000 A of continuous current.
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2022-12-22 Tire Review

Sensata Reveals New Tire-Mounted Sensor

Sensata debuted its new Tire Mounted Sensor (TMS), which includes TPMS functionality as well as an accelerometer to detect the force with which the tire is striking the ground.
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2022-12-21 Power Systems Design

Sensing and Control Solutions Trends in Electric Vehicles

From electric vehicles including passenger cars and commercial vehicle fleets to 2- and 3-wheelers, the electrification trend in transportation is transforming the need for different systems and component technologies to ensure safety while speeding up charging times and vehicle time to market for vehicle OEMs.
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2022-12-19 Assembly Mag

Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks

Battery power offers numerous advantages to medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
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2022-12-05 Materials Handling World Magazine

Digitalization and Electrification Driving Next Wave of Material Handling Designs

While electric lift trucks have made up a significant portion of the market for decades, the continued growth and maturity of new battery technologies – such as lithium-ion – has created a massive shift in how they can be utilized in the material handling segment.
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2022-10-07 The BRAKE Report

Sensata Technologies’ New Brake Pedal Force Sensor

Sensata Technologies has announced its new Brake Pedal Force Sensor for electromechanical brakes (EMBs) that enables safer and better performing braking systems.
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2022-08-01 Aerospace & Defense

Fly-by-Wire Inceptor Developed for eVTOL Aircraft

Sensata combines its position sensors, multi-axis controllers and expertise in other cockpit controls to provide inceptor solutions that adhere to strict safety and reliability design requirements in order to achieve airworthiness certification.
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