[Boise, ID, May 2024] – Sensata Technologies is excited to introduce a new addition to our PreView® Radar product line that will improve the safety of medium and heavy-duty vehicles worldwide. May 2024 marks the official launch of PreView® STA79, an advanced solution designed to enhance operator awareness and fleet safety, reducing accidents in a world where safety is paramount.

Key Features of PreView® STA79 include:

  • Three Adjustable Areas of Interest allow the sensor to be configured with a center zone matching the length of the vehicle while the front and rear zones are independently set to align with the customers’ own unique requirements.
  • 180-degree field of view eliminates blind spots along the entire side of the vehicle
  • Built in Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to increase the alert level when turning into an object even when a turn indicator is not used
  • Trailer mitigation to reduce false positive alerts on the trailer when turning
  • Side Turn Assist Operation: At speeds of 19 mph (30 km/h) or less STA79 prioritizes alerting the driver of moving Vulnerable Road Users within the defined Area of Interest, while ignoring stationary objects such as street signs and parked cars to minimize “nuisance alerts ” An in-cab display provides a visual alert to the driver when not turning, and an audible/visual alert combination when the turn signal is active, or by utilizing the built in IMU capabilities to predict when the vehicle is turning
  • Lane Change Assist Operation: At speeds above 19 mph (30 km/h) STA79 is optimized for blind spot collision mitigation during lane changes and merging. The sensor, equipped with proprietary algorithms, prioritizes alerting on moving vehicles in the adjacent lane, ignoring stationary objects such as guardrails and concrete barriers to minimize “nuisance alerts,” and can have an Area of Interest unique from the slow speed operation.

"With PreView® STA79, we have reimagined what a single radar sensor can do to improve the safe operation of commercial vehicles," said Jamen McDermott, Product Manager at Sensata Technologies. "Our mission is to empower drivers and operators with the tools and technologies they want and need to safely navigate our ever-growing, busy world. PreView® STA79 is not just a product; it incorporates more than 20 years of driver, safety manager and OEM feedback to create a catalyst for positive change in the way we approach safety.”

PreView® STA79 is now available for commercial deployment, with pilot programs underway in key industries and companies worldwide. Join us in ushering in a new era of on-road safety with PreView® STA79. Visit us in booth #2765 at Waste Expo, May 7-9, for an exclusive first look and hands-on experience.  

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