On 15 April, Sensata Technologies officially opened its new, custom-designed Danish headquarters in Copenhagen.

The new facility is designed for Sensata’s Denmark-based employees who lead the company’s global development of battery management systems for the automotive, industrial, energy storage, and heavy vehicle markets. The international team is made up of testing and development engineers, quality, marketing, sales, program management and support staff, coming from over 11 countries.

Its operations in Denmark specialise in the research and development of battery management systems - creating the brain behind lithium-ion batteries. The developments improve battery lifecycle, safety, and optimal operation, building on more than 15 years of legacy technology acquired from LiTHIUM BALANCE and now under the global brand of Sensata Technologies, a leading industrial technology company that develops sensors, sensor-based solutions, including controllers and software, and other mission-critical products to create valuable business insights for customers and end users.

The company has been adapting its new facility in Copenhagen over recent months to create a space comprised of specialised labs and engineering test facilities, as well as collaboration areas where teams can work together on global projects.

Battery management systems are a cutting-edge technology that is essential as the electrification trend continues to gain momentum. This is particularly evident in the shift towards decarbonization, where both companies and consumers are opting for battery-based alternatives. A prime example of this is the widespread adoption of electric vehicles over traditional combustion engine models.

Dan Goncalves, Vice President & General Manager, Sensata Clean Energy Solutions, explains, “Our industry leading engineering teams constantly work to refine and improve our technologies and offer customers the ability to monitor and optimize the lifespan and performance of lithium-based battery products.”

“Developing such technology requires specialised research and development areas which can safely support high and low voltage product testing. That’s why we were delighted to officially open our new office in Copenhagen, which has been designed with all these specialised facilities in place.”

Sensata Technologies Denmark was established in 2021 with the acquisition of LiTHIUM BALANCE. Its portfolio of battery management solutions complements its wider clean energy product range. Find out more.