SWINDON, United Kingdom – Sensata Technologies (NYSE:ST), an industrial technology company and a leading provider of sensors, today introduced the first explosion proof stackable multi-turn encoder for use in oil and gas applications. The new encoder, BEI Sensors’ model MAAX, is ATEX and IECEx certified to operate in explosive environments and features a Profibus output in a unique, stackable package. CANopen and SSI outputs are also available. The MAAX provides up to 16 bits of resolution as well as up to 16 bits of turns by mechanical counting. This workhorse product operates directly in Zone 1 environments without the need for an accompanying Intrinsic Safety barrier.

Absolute multi-turn encoders like the MAAX are the ideal position sensing solution for oil and gas applications such as Drawworks, top drives and pipe handling equipment where working conditions are extreme. The stackable and explosion proof design, the first of its kind, makes for a simple installation wherever encoders are mounted in tandem to provide multiple signals for redundancy or when data sharing is desired. The Profibus interface simplifies system set up as it allows for daisy chaining products together without the need for running a control cable from the panel to each individual component.

All exposed parts are either stainless steel or hard anodized to resist corrosion. This rugged encoder is shock and vibration resistant and can operate in field temperatures from -30°C to +65°C. Fitted with a unique 20 mm diameter integrated coupling, the MAAX housing can be rigidly mounted, reducing stress to the encoder’s bearings and providing a secure attachment for the hazardous area conduit fittings. A through hollow shaft design with up to a 30mm flexible shaft bore is also available to fit a wide range of installation requirements.

LED status lights make it easy to monitor the encoder’s function during set-up and operation. The terminal box simplifies installation by allowing the unit to be pre-wired and tested prior to assembly. A flexible internal connector within the terminal box helps simplify cable gland installation. To prevent losing screws while mounting, captive screws come standard with the terminal box, which is tethered to the encoder body for safety.

“My team of engineers is dedicated to helping customers design their oil and gas equipment to be as compact, efficient and reliable as possible with Sensata’s innovative encoder products”, says Jean-Marc Hubsch, Engineering Manager.

To learn more about model MAAX encoder, review the specification sheet or check out an application note, visit www2.sensata.com/MAAX.