• GTM400 and GTM500 contactors can handle applications up to 1500V and are the first products released as a part of Sensata’s new GTM contactor family. The products will be showcased for the first time at The Battery Show North America in Novi, MI from September 12 - 14 at Sensata’s booth #2720 
  • An industry first in contactor design, the new series features proprietary glass-to-metal seals, provides reliable switching and circuit protection.  
  • The contactors’ bidirectional power handling enables EV battery charging from the grid and/or a V2G (vehicle-to-grid) system.

SWINDON, United Kingdom, September 11, 2023 –  Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST) today announced the launch of its Gigavac GTM400 and GTM500 bidirectional contactors for applications up to 1500 Vdc and 400A and 500A. The new contactors are ideal for high-power applications that require reliable switching and DC circuit protection like energy storage systems, DC fast charging stations, and heavy-duty vehicles. New GTM series excel in performance compared to competition, offering:

  • Increased current carry capability (reduced size and weight, increased battery life)  
  • Best in class break performance (improved safety)  
  • Advanced arc suppression performance (increased reliability and product life)  
  • Unmatched short circuit performance (no rupture or fire risk) 
  • Significant performance/cost ratio when compared to other available technologies 

The GTM400 and GTM500 are the first products released as a part of Sensata’s new GTM contactor family which feature glass-to-metal seals (GTMS) - an industry first in contactor design. Glass-to-metal sealing is a technique used to create effective electrically-insulative hermetic seal technology. Leveraging over 50 years of expertise in GTMS, Sensata has engineered its GTM series of contactors to ensure best-in-class performance and reliability.   

“These new contactors highlight Sensata’s expertise in Glass-to-Metal technology and our ability to develop new innovative solutions that offer competitive performance and value for electrified applications,” says Justin Colson, Vice President, Clean Energy Solutions at Sensata Technologies. “Our vision is to expand the GTM product family in the future for lower power applications such as AGVs, material handling equipment, 2-, and 3-wheeled vehicles and other EVs.” 

For more information about GTM400 and GTM500 contactors with GTMS technology, please visit www.sensata.com

In addition to the new GTM400 and GTM500, Sensata will showcase its mission-critical solutions and components that make batteries and charging infrastructure safer, cleaner, more efficient, and connected at the Battery Show North America in Novi, MI. The exhibit will include a variety of Contactors and Fuses from Sensata’s Gigavac brand, Battery Management Systems (BMS) from Sensata’s Lithium Balance brand, Current Sensors and Insulation Monitoring Devices. Visit Sensata’s booth #2720 at the Battery Show North America from September 12 - 14 to learn more about the portfolio.  

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