Sensata Technologies Joins Charging Interface Initiative e.V. Association as a Core Member to Contribute to the Advancement of Standardized Vehicle Charging Systems

SWINDON, United Kingdom, November 10, 2020 – Sensata Technologies (NYSE:ST), a leading provider of sensor-rich solutions that create insights for customers, today announced it has joined Charging Interface Initiative e.V. Association (CharIN) as a core member and commits to the advancement of standardized vehicle charging systems.

CharIN’s vision is to develop and establish the combined charging system (CCS) as the global standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles (EV). With a mission that includes drafting requirements to accelerate the evolution of charging standards and defining a certification system for manufacturers implementing CSS in their products, CharIN represents an exciting opportunity for collaboration with leading partners in the industry.

As more electric vehicles are adopted, there is a growing need for faster charging and higher power levels. Customers are increasingly turning to Sensata to the improve safety and reliability of electrified vehicles such as medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, cars, and material handling equipment.

Nicholas Moelders, Vice President of Sensata Technologies’ Electrification Strategy and GM of Battery Management Systems explains:

As we continue to focus on electrification, we are committed to supporting the development of international charging system standards as a core member of Charging Interface Initiative e.V. Association. We believe that our deep understanding of EV charging, our expertise in product technologies such as high voltage contactors, our closeness with global customers as well as our market insights will be valuable knowledge to bring to the association.

The GX and HX series of high voltage contactors, such as the HX460 and GX110, from Sensata’s GIGAVAC brand are designed specifically for applications that require very high current levels such as commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle charging, photovoltaic/ battery inverters, battery packs and energy storage systems.

Sensata continues to work closely with global OEMs to push the limits of this technology to develop solutions that address the needs of the growing marketplace and propel the industry forward.