• Sensata Technologies disrupts the medium- and heavy-duty industries with advanced object detection and blind spot monitoring technology.
  • Sensata's PreView Sentry®79 is an advanced 79GHz front and rear detection radar sensor designed to enhance driver awareness and minimize risk of blind spot related incidents.

SWINDON, United Kingdom - Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), today announced the release of its highly anticipated PreView Sentry®79 take-off and reverse blind spot monitoring radar. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the PreView Sentry®79 sets a new standard for blind spot detection and collision avoidance in the on-road and off-road heavy vehicle industry.

Sensata’s PreView Sentry®79 is an advanced 79 GHz front and rear detection radar sensor designed to enhance driver awareness and minimize the risk of blind spot related accidents. The sensor has a fully configurable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects at ranges up to 40 meters (131 feet). The width of the detection zone is adjustable to fit almost any vehicle type to keep operators and jobsites safer. With its high-precision radar technology, the PreView Sentry®79 provides drivers with real-time, reliable information about objects in their blind spots, significantly reducing the potential for collisions during take-off and backing maneuvers. It is the industry’s most flexible, accurate, and powerful active blind spot monitoring solution available.

The expansion of Sensata’s PreView® Radar product line is the result of over two decades of experience working with drivers, fleets, body builders, and OEMs to understand and deliver on requirements and preferences for radar-based collision mitigation solutions.

Key features of the PreView Sentry®79 radar sensor include:

  • Advanced Radar Technology: The PreView Sentry79 utilizes cutting-edge radar technology to detect objects in blind spots, even in adverse weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or snow. This ensures reliable performance and accurate detection capabilities.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to be easily integrated into a wide range of vehicles, the PreView Sentry®79 can be installed without extensive modifications or disruptions to existing systems.
  • Customizable Detection Area: PreView Sentry79 offers customizable asymmetrical detection width for off-center mounting location options, a detection pattern segmented into five zones, and two customizable areas of detection to create an area where detections will not be reported (ignore zones), for example, ignoring protruding tires on a wheel loader while continuing to monitor the intended detection zone.

"Sensata Technologies is dedicated to advancing safety through innovation, and the PreView Sentry®79 is a testament to our commitment," said David Hofacker, Senior Marketing Manager, ADAS and HVOR at Sensata Technologies. "Blind spot collisions remain a significant concern. We believe that the PreView Sentry®79 will save lives and protect property by providing drivers and operators with the critical information they need when they need it to prevent avoidable collisions and mitigate others."

Sensata is committed to continuous improvement and ensuring its products meet the highest industry standards. The PreView Sentry®79 undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure exceptional performance and reliability in real-world scenarios.

The PreView Sentry®79 is ideally suited for a wide range of vehicles, including commercial trucks, buses, first and last mile delivery vehicles, heavy-duty mining and construction equipment, and more. By proactively addressing blind spot-related risks, the system helps operators and drivers improve safety, reduce downtime, and protect their valuable assets.

To learn more about the technologies behind PreView Sentry®79 and our other collision avoidance solutions visit https://www.sensata.com/products/blind-spot-monitoring-systems/preview-sentry-79


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