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  • Certified Safety: ISO 26262 ASIL-C certified at 34.03 FIT rate (1x MCU 8x CMU) for robust functional safety. 
  • Exceptional Reliability: No undetected single-point failures in the system. 
  • Battery Protection: Open circuit detection for prompt issue identification. 


  • Efficient Monitoring: Real-Time Clock (RTC) + logging for precise event tracking. 
  • User-Friendly Configuration: BMS Creator PC tool simplifies setup and customization. 

Battery Life 

  • Optimal Monitoring: High-frequency current sampling (6 ms) ensures accurate pulse detection. 
  • Balanced Charging: Intelligent passive balancing at 200mA per cell extends battery life. 


  • Advanced Software Architecture: Adaptive Base Layer Software/API/Application Layer Software architecture for outstanding software and battery parameter flexibility 
  • Uncompromised Flexibility: Configurable safety and battery parameters without re-certification or software update. 
  • Additional Features: With capabilities reaching up to 1000V, our system boasts an ultra-compact CMU size. Furthermore, it integrates HVIL and HVIM for enhanced functionality.

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