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  • Based on the proven high performance of the Airpax LEG series
  • Low depth to minimize PDU intrusion into equipment rack space
  • 240VAC rating on a single pole further minimizes space requirements
  • UL-489 Listed and IEC 60947-2 (pending)
  • 5 kAIC and 10 kAIC versions available
  • Standard (copper and brass) and low resistance (all copper) conductors available
  • Unique handle actuator for protection against accidental “turn-off” with minimal size and no handle guard required
  • Screw terminals provide secure vibration resistant connection for high reliability applications
  • Terminal orientation allows simple power conductor routing and ease of assembly


Delay Pulse Tolerance
61, 62, 63 10 times rated current (approx)

The table above provides a comparison of inrush pulse tolerance for each of the 50/60Hz delays. Pulse tolerance is defined as a single pulse of half sine wave peak current amplitude of 8 milliseconds duration that will not trip the circuit breaker. Consult Sensata for further assistance.

Current Rating (Amps) DC Resistance - Ohms
  Standard All Copper
2.0 .400 .385
14.0 .0098 .0091
15.0 .0075 .0070
20.0 .0049 .0046
30.0 .0027 .0024

DCR and Impedance based on 100% rated current applied and stabilized for a minimum of one hour. Tolerance 2.0 - 2.5 amperes ± 20%: 2.6 -20. amperes ± 25%, 21.-30. amperes ± 50%. Consult Sensata for special values and for coil impedance of delays not shown.