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  • Lightweight, space-saving modular distribution system specifically designed for flexibility in DC power distribution
  • Building-block concept allows users the flexibility to specify units in blocks of 2 positions up to 24 positions
  • Modules allow for equipment expansion without power shutdown
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically directly to the bus bar or mounting rail
  • Unique alarm conductors simplify signal wiring
  • Modular load terminals available with front or rear access


Application For use with Airpax™ IEL, IML, LEL and LML type circuit protectors and breakers using 5/16 inch diameter bullet terminals
Electrical Ratings 100 amperes max. load bus rating per position max. common bus of the 8 position system is 600 amperes. Voltage rating is 125 vdc
Flammability All modular distribution system parts have UL 94 V0 flammability rating
Insulation Resistance Min. 100 megohms @ 500 vdc
High-Low Temperature Operation -40ºC to +85ºC
Dielectric Strength 2000 VDC
Recommended Torque Specifications Load bus 1/4-20 UNC: 40 to 45 inch pounds
Load bus m6 x 1.0: 4 to 5 Nm
Mechanical support must be provided to terminals while applying torque.
Auxiliary Switch Wire 18 awg (ul 1213)
Ampacity Line bus 600 amperes: 800 amps/sq. inch
Load bus 100 amperes: 1250 amps/sq. inch