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GTM contactors are ideal for high-power applications that require reliable switching and DC circuit protection like energy storage systems, DC fast charging stations, and heavy-duty vehicles. New GTM series excel in performance compared to competition, offering:  

  • Increased current carry capability (reduced size and weight, increased battery life)  
  • Best in class break performance (improved safety)  
  • Advanced arc suppression performance (increased reliability and product life)  
  • Unmatched short circuit performance (no rupture or fire risk) 
  • Significant performance/cost ratio when compared to other available technologies 

The GTM400 and GTM500 are the first products released as a part of Sensata’s new GTM contactor family which feature glass-to-metal seals (GTMS) - an industry first in contactor design. Glass-to-metal sealing is a technique used to create effective electrically-insulative hermetic seal technology. Leveraging over 50 years of expertise in GTMS, Sensata has engineered its GTM series of contactors to ensure best-in-class performance and reliability.