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  • Miniature size
  • Individually temperature calibrated and checked
  • Positive make and break with Klixon® snap action disc
  • Repeatable temperature performance over life
  • Gasket steel case suitable for many impregnation processes
  • Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility
  • Wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves
  • Same size and opposite side terminations
  • Cadmium free contacts


Contact Capacity125 VAC 18A for TCO
250VAC 9A for TCO
250VAC 1A for TBP
Temperature Range65°C to 160°C for TCO/TMP
65°C to 135°C for TBP
Tolerance on Open Temp+/- 5K, +/- 8K or +/- 10K
Max. Temp. of the Switch HeadMax.160°C
Automatic ActionType3C for motor
Type2C for ballast
Type2B for TCO
Operating TimeContinuous
Pollution SituationNormal
Extent of Sensing ElementWhole control
PTI for Insulation250
Degree of ProtectionIP00
Electrical ConnectionsOn winding, inserting, clamping, bracketing or like
Category UL ENEC CQC
Motor Protector E15962 2014531.05 CQC0200
Ballast for Fluorescent and Thermal Cut Out E34618 2014531.05
Temperature Sensing Controls E34618 2014531.05

Protectors are not registered in CCC (China Compulsory Certification) products list at present. CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) is a national certification body in China.