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  • Thermal motor protection reacting to both current and temperature
  • Wide variety of standard thermal configurations
  • Terminal materal provides trouble-free welding
  • Eligible for customer partnumber printed on product as well as color-coding
  • Varying of both bimetal and S-wire resistivity creates a current-time characteristic optimized for each specific application
  • Unique combination of bimetal disc and resistivity wire guarantees very precise tripping times thus prevents too high motor temperature
  • Protector selection and application testing by Sensata Technologies laboratory with results in extended report at your service



Standard Operating Temperature Range from 100°C - 170°C (Increments 5K)
Tolerance on Open Temperature ± 5K
Peak Temperature (5 min) 200°C
Max. Ambient Temperature T-open +20°C
Time Check at T-ambient 25°C 4 to 10 seconds
Maximum Contact Rating 15 Vdc / 27A / 30,000 cycles