dc motor

Rotary voice coil actuators (VCA) are ideal for high acceleration applications that require angular movement. There are two types of designs available: cylindrical and arc-segment. Cylindrical models are typically used in long stroke applications, whereas arc-segment designs are better suited for short stroke and precise positioning. Rotary actuators feature all of the inherent advantages of VCA technology, such as direct-drive, zero backlash and cog free operation for accurate motion, as well as high acceleration and the use of single phase.

  • Wide range of torque and excursion angles
  • Various mechanical mounting options available
  • Arc-segment and cylindrical designs available


Motor Options:

Part Number
Peak Torque
Continuous Stall Torque
Total Excursion Angle
Actuator Constant
[N∙m∙Watt-1/2 / oz∙in∙Watt-1/2]
RA27-10-000A0.106/ 150.029/ 4.091000.017/ 2.39
RA27-10-001A0.106/ 150.029/ 4.091000.017/ 2.39
RA29-11-002A0.226/ 320.093/ 13.2320.031/ 4.44
RA54-18-000A1.85/ 2620.798/ 1137.50.209/ 29.7
RA60-10-001A0.8473/ 1200.396/ 56.1300.097/ 13.8
RA68-12-001A1.2/ 1700.649/ 92200.158/ 22.4
RA68-19-000A7.06/ 10001.76/ 250140.376/ 53.3

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