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  • Measurement range 0 Up to 15 000mm


Measurement range 0 up to 15 000 mm
Output signal 1kΩ (Other Values on Demand)
Resolution Quasi Infinite (Depends on the Operating System)
Material Body and Cover - Aluminum (RoHS)
Measuring Cable - Stainless Steel
Cable diameter 0.90 mm
Detection element Precision potentiometer
Connection Male Connector M16 - DIN 3 Pin
Male Connector M12 - 4 Pin
PVC Cable - 4 Wires
Standard linearity ±0.15% f.s.
±0.10% f.s. (Optional)
Protection class IPS65
Max. Velocity 10 m/s
Max. Acceleration 4 m/s2 (before cable deformation)
Weight ~8 kg
Operating temperature -20° to +80°C
Storage temperature -30° to +80°C