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Measurement range 0 up to 20 000 mm
Output signal 0...10V (galvanic isolation)
4...20mA current loop
4...20mA current generator (galvanic isolation)
0...20mA current generator (galvanic isolation)
Resolution Quasi infinite (depends on the operating system)
Material Body and cover - aluminum (RohS)
Measuring cable - Stainless steel
Cable diameter 0,90 mm
Detection element Precision potentiometer
Connection Male connector M16 - DIN 8 pin
Male connector M12 - 4 pin
PVC cable - 4 wires
Standard linearity +/- 0,15% f.s.
+/- 0,10% f.s. (optional)
Protection class IPS65
Max. Velocity 10 m/s
Max. Acceleration 2 m/s2 (before cable deformation)
Weight ≈ 12 kg
Operating temperature -20° to +80°C
Storage temperature -30° to +80°C


Measurement range in mm 20 000 mm
Min. pull-out force ≈ 15,00 N
Max. pull-out force ≈ 30,00 N