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  • Cost effective design compared to resolvers
  • Functional Safety: Sensor is ASIL-C and ASIL-D capable
  • Immune to stray magnetic fields without shielding
  • Flexible to work with various pole pair e-motors
  • Light-weight flexible packaging is customizable for the application
  • Contactless and magnet-free solution
  • Suitable for harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • True power on sensor with accurate e-motor position
  • Target material is electronically conductive for eddycurrent generation



Mounting and Dimensions Adaptable and customizable to customer architecture
Measurement Range 0 to 360 degrees
Speed < 250,000 eRPM
Measurement Accuracy < 1°e
Supply Voltage Range 4.5 V to 5.5 V
Current Consumption < 20mA
Output Signal Analog Differential Sine and Cosine
Operating Temperature Range e -40°C to 160°C